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1. Saying Things Like, “She Would Be So Pretty If…” 

Have you ever uttered anything along the lines of, “But she has such a gorgeous face” or “She would be more beautiful if she put on a few pounds”? You are limiting your idea of beauty to a cultural stereotype. Beauty is not conditional. If you can’t say anything nice, maybe it’s time to learn how.

2. Judging Other People’s Clothes 

While it’s fine for you to choose clothes any way you want, nobody else is required to adhere to your style. The person wearing that outfit is, in fact, pulling it off, even if you think she’s too flat chested, big chested, short, tall, fat or thin. And fat people don’t have to confine themselves to dark colors and vertical stripes, no matter who prefers it. And spandex? It’s a right, not a privilege.

3. Making It an ‘Us vs. Them’ Thing 

The phrase “Real Women Have Curves” is highly problematic. Developed as a response to the tremendous body shaming that fat women face, it still amounts to doing the same thing in the opposite direction. The road to high self-esteem is probably not paved with hypocrisy. Equally problematic is the phrase “boyish figure” as if a lack of curves makes us somehow less womanly. The idea that there is only so much beauty, only so much self-esteem to go around is a lie. Real women come in all shapes and sizes, no curves required.

4. Avoiding the Word “Fat”

Dancing around the word fat is an insinuation that it’s so horrible that it can’t even be said. The only thing worse than calling fat people “big boned” or “fluffy” is using euphemisms that suggest body size indicates the state of our health or whether we take care of ourselves. As part of a resolution to end body shaming, try nixing phrases like “she looks healthy,” or “she looks like she is taking care of herself,” and “she looks like she is starving” when what you actually mean is a woman is thin.

5. Making Up Body Parts 

We could all lead very full lives if we never heard the words cankles, muffin top, apple shaped, pear shaped or apple butt ever again. We are not food.

6. Congratulating People for Losing Weight 

You don’t know a person’s circumstances. Maybe she lost weight because of an illness. You also don’t know if she’ll gain the weight back (about 95 percent of people do), in which case earlier praise might feel like criticism. If someone points out that a person has lost weight, consider adding something like, “You’ve always been beautiful. I’m happy if you are happy.” But if a person doesn’t mention her weight loss, then you shouldn’t mention it either. Think of something else you can compliment.

7. Using Pretend Compliments 

“You’re really brave to wear that.” By the way, wearing a sleeveless top or bikini does not take bravery. “You’re not fat, you’re beautiful.” These things are not mutually exclusive — a person can be fat and beautiful. “You can afford to eat that, you’re thin.” You don’t know if someone has an eating disorder or something else; there is no need to comment on someone’s body or food intake. “You’re not that fat” or “You’re not fat, you workout,” need to be struck from your vocabulary. Suggesting that looking fat is a bad thing is also insulting.

8. Thinking of Women as Baby-Making Machines 

One of my readers mentioned that her gynecologist called her “good breeding stock.” Also awful: “baby making hips.” Worst of all is when people ask fat people when they are due. As has famously been said, unless you can see the baby crowning, do not assume that someone is pregnant.

9. Sticking Your Nose in Other People’s Exercise Routines 

A subtle form of body shaming occurs when people make assumptions or suggestions about someone’s exercise habits based on their size. Don’t ask a fat person, “Have you tried walking?” Don’t tell a thin person, “You must spend all day in the gym.” I have had people at the gym congratulate me for starting a workout program when, in fact, I started working out at age 12 and never stopped. I had a thin friend who started a weight-lifting program and someone said to her, “Be careful, you don’t want to bulk up.” How about not completely over-stepping your boundaries and being rude and inappropriate?

10. Playing Dietitian 

If you have no idea how much a person eats or exercises, you shouldn’t tell her to eat less and move more or suggest she put more meat on her bones. (Even if you do know what she eats, don’t do it). How do you know she’s looking for nutritional advice from you or the newest weight-loss tip you saw on Dr. Oz?

Written by: Ragen Chastain

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  1. Write down your goals. 
  2. Create a fitness action plan. 
  3. Devise a desirable reward. 
  4. Set a completion date.
  5. Enter a competition.
  6. Enter a competition amongst your friends.
  7. Plaster motivational quotes all over your house.
  8. Write “Every Day is a New Battle” on your bathroom mirror.
  9. Post your favorite fitness role model on your refrigerator.
  10. Post your favorite fat picture on your refrigerator.
  11. Type “Your Character is your Destiny” on your screen saver.
  12. Type “Get off your Fat Butt” on your screen saver.
  13. Practice core strength by using a stability ball for a chair.
  14. Rollover and do some crunches in-between emails on your stability ball chair.
  15. Buy a nice wardrobe that will fit you in two months.
  16. Donate all your fat clothes to Salvation Army.
  17. Moderate your strict eating with a fat meal once a week.
  18. When eating your fat meal, look at the body type of other people who eat fat meals daily.
  19. Buy some fitness magazines.
  20. Read some “how to” fitness articles.
  21. Join a fitness web blog.
  22. Read transformation stories.
  23. Pray and thank God for the amount of weight you’ve already lost.
  24. Make a supportive fitness group.
  25. Hang around fit friends.
  26. Surround yourself with people and things that promote a healthy lifestyle.
  27. Find a running partner.
  28. Inspire your own partner to run with you.
  29. Create fitness goals with your partner.
  30. Make a workout and diet log.
  31. Personalize your journal by adding inspirational quotes and pictures.
  32. Document your progress: weight, body fat, and blood pressure.
  33. Attend a bodybuilding/fitness show.
  34. Talk to competitors and pros that live for fitness.
  35. Ask your role models what motivates them.
  36. Take a chance and email your role model off their web site.
  37. Take a supplement for physical gains as well as a mental ‘placebo’ effect.
  38. Drink some coffee.
  39. Drink more coffee.
  40. Date someone more fit than you.
  41. Date someone who inspires you.
  42. Date someone you want to look really good naked for.
  43. Shave your body so you can see all your muscles.
  44. Tan your body so you can see all the lines and contours of your muscles.
  45. Tan your body at the beach so that people with really nice bodies can inspire you.
  46. Hire a trainer.
  47. Become a trainer.
  48. Humble a trainer by knowing more stuff than him/her.
  49. Look like a trainer.
  50. Buy new athletic shoes.
  51. Buy a new workout outfit.
  52. Buy clean, new, and comfortable socks.
  53. Wear really bright colors to the gym.
  54. Take a group exercise class.
  55. Take a spinning class for really intense cardio.
  56. Take Yoga or Pilates class for variety and core strength.
  57. Drink an energy drink.
  58. Plan a vacation where you have to wear a swimsuit.
  59. Read Lance Armstrong’s biography.
  60. Envision your workout during your warm-up.
  61. Focus on the workout, one set at a time.
  62. Beat yourself up with weights for even getting de-motivated.
  63. Conquer your negative thoughts by pushing your body into painful consciousness.
  64. Experiment on how much you can make yourself sweat.
  65. Make it a goal to be the fittest person in the weight room - or any room for that matter.
  66. Test your max on pushups and pullups.
  67. Post the Krispy Kreme’s calendar on your wall.
  68. Post Monica Brant’s calendar on your wall.
  69. Watch Ronnie Coleman videos.
  70. Read articles by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  71. Buy a home exercise bike or treadmill.
  72. Become the inspiration amongst your friends.
  73. Help someone who is very overweight or wants to gain muscle.
  74. Visit my web site:
  75. Place your alarm clock across your bedroom so that you have to get up to turn it off in the morning.
  76. Place your athletic shoes right next to your alarm clock.
  77. Place a quote right next to your alarm clock that says: “Today you are closer to the person you were meant to become.”
  78. Alarm your cell phone to give you daily reminders to eat, work out, and give gratitude.
  79. Volunteer your time with people who don’t have full function of their bodies.
  80. Volunteer your passion for fitness at a YMCA.
  81. Look up new, healthy recipes to cook.
  82. Search for new, healthy restaurants to eat at.
  83. Observe the body type of the people at restaurants you shouldn’t eat at.
  84. Read one of Mike Mahler’s Aggressive Strength Training Articles on
  85. Learn a new exercise technique like Kettlebell training.
  86. Turn off your TV and run.
  87. Buy a new MP3 player or iPod and put some high energy workout songs on it.
  88. Buy new workout devices like a heart rate monitor or pedometer.
  89. Work out at a different gym.
  90. Work out at a different time of day.
  91. Work out using all new exercises.
  92. Vary your cardio by incorporating High Intensity Training.
  93. Say a prayer for power right before you train.
  94. Say a prayer for performance right before your set.
  95. Say a prayer for pain during your set.
  96. Say a prayer for persistence after your set.
  97. Say a prayer for positive action after you train.
  98. Action After You Train.
  99. Read articles on
  100. Shop for supplements, videos, and books on
  101. Get passionate enough to write an article for You know what motivates you. Quit reading and make it happen.I found this great list of things you can do to motivate yourself.

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Female fitness motivation


Female fitness motivation


Female fitness motivation


Female fitness motivation


Great quote!!!!!!!

  • Them: Wait- didn't you just run yesterday?
  • Them: Why do we need a 3 pound jar of peanut butter?
  • Them: How far is a 5k?
  • Them: I could never get up that early to workout
  • Them: What's the difference between track and cross country?
  • Them: You have too many clothes.
  • Them: Ewww what happened to your toenails?!
  • Them: Running is boring.